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Vendors don’t want you to drop your fee, they just don’t know it yet

negotioation Aug 29, 2020

A constant battle as a Real Estate agent is protecting your fee. In an industry where agents are prepared to drop their fee to win the business, it’s difficult to protect your income.

As a Real Estate trainer and coach one of the first areas I work on with agents is protecting their fee as this is one of the quickest ways to increase income. One of the first steps in doing this is changing an agent's belief that a vendor doesn’t actually want you to drop your fee, they just don’t know it yet.

Most vendors try to negotiate the fee with you as they believe a cheaper fee equates to more money after the sale. However, an agent who negotiates their fee is only proving poor negotiation skills. Ask yourself this - if an agent is willing to do that with their money, what will they do with a vendor's money when negotiating with buyers? Will they have the skills to extract the extra ten or twenty thousand dollars from the buyer?

I believe an agent's fee is an investment....

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Consistency is the foundation to success

mindset Aug 05, 2020

Over the last 15 years in this industry, if there was one thing I have noticed that has separated the agents who succeed from those who do not, it would be consistency.

The most consistent thing in Real Estate in inconsistency. Inconsistency in income which comes from an inconsistency in outbound activity.  The hardest part of being a successful Real Estate agent isn’t selling houses, it’s finding the houses to sell.

I think this should be explained to anyone who is thinking of joining this incredible industry because from my experience, most agents enter without knowing or having an appreciation for the consistent hard work that will need to be done on a daily basis to prospect and find business. Especially in the early stages of their career. 

There are many things that stop an agent from prospecting consistently. There is distraction, reaction, a lack of direction, or skills, but most of all it comes down to discipline. Building the discipline to...

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Are you coachable?

If you have ever thought about hiring a coach to help grow your business and increase your income, there is an important factor to consider. Are you coachable?

I’ve coached hundreds of agents throughout my career and so many exceed their targets and achieve great success. However, not everyone is a success story and it took me a while to realise why. You can give someone the best tools in the world but it won’t get the job done for them. They will still need to be willing to do the work. In other words implementation is key.

If you are looking for the silver bullet, maybe a coach isn’t for you. If you want to access the tools that you need to succeed, someone to help you stay accountable and you are also prepared to put in the hard work - a coach may be exactly what will take your career to the next level.

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